About Anne-Laure Hennequin

Restore the grandeur of the fifth sense and dive into its universe, is the mission Anne-Laure Hennequin took on when creating the Master Parfums games.

“After 20 years of experience in international training in large perfume companies, I wanted to share my passion and simplify perfume and olfaction education in order to promote their culture to the widest audience. So I created games for all, to discover the world of perfume and smell while having fun. A unique concept to cultivate oneself, boost the sense of smell and stimulate creativity. Ready to discover what your nose knows?! “


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A format to take everywhere! 120 questions and answers about perfume culture that will help you learn as you play.
History, Perfume secrets, The olfactory palette, Brands, perfumes and tips: test your knowledge and challenge your fiends!
From amateur, to connoisseur, to expert, who will be be the Master?…


A unique and original box set with 120 new questions, 40 olfactory challenges, 1 educational booklet, 12 scent pens and 100 blotters to challenge your olfactory memory, boost your sense of smell, and stimulate your creativity.

game olfactory master parfum

Restore the grandeur of the fifth sense and dive into the world of perfume while playing the MASTER PARFUMS ® educational games.

Stimulate your sense of smell and your creativity,

and “discover what your nose knows”!