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Article in Fragrantica

The French company Master Parfums invites us to direct our focus to our fifth sense, with their MASTER PARFUMS ® educational games. “Stimulate your sense of smell and your creativity, and discover what your nose knows!” states the company on their website.

Article in Fragrantica

Anne-Laure Hennequin, a specialist in perfume sales with a rich experience of over 20 years in international training, has introduced an entertaining and educational pocket quiz ‘MASTER PARFUMS’.

Article in Fragrantica

Master Parfums is a new board-game created by Anne-Laure Hennequin that is designed to test players on their sense of smell as well as their knowledge of perfume trivia. It is a more extended version of Master Parfums Pocket Quiz which came out in 2019.

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Restore the grandeur of the fifth sense and dive into the world of perfume while playing the MASTER PARFUMS ® Pocket Quiz. 

The game is intended for amateurs at all levels, from neophytes to perfume enthusiasts. It will allow the former to learn about perfume culture and the latter to test and maybe even deepen their knowledge.