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120 new questions, 40 olfactory challenges, 1 educational booklet to learn while having fun, 12 scent pens to challenge your olfactory memory, and 100 blotter cards to develop your creativity.



parfum educational booklet
120 questions about perfume culture
40 Olfactory Challenges
1 Educational Booklet
12 Scent Pens (do not use the pens on skin)
100 Blotters

LET’S PLAY The Olfactory Game!

For 2 or 3 players, or more, in teams.

If you draw the TEMPORARY ANOSMIA card, you lose your turn! Return the card to the bottom of the deck.

If you draw the MYSTERY card, return it to the bottom of the deck. The player to your left then draws the next card from the top of the deck and chooses which of the three questions you must answer.

If you draw a READY, SET, SNIFF! card, perform the olfactory challenge listed on the back of the card. If you succeed, draw a new card and play again.

If you draw a CREATE A FRAGRANCE card, follow the brief listed on the back of the card. If you succeed, draw a new card and play again.

The first player to collect twelve cards wins the game and becomes the Master of Perfumes!

The Master of Perfumes can now use the CREATE A FRAGRANCE table to create any fragrance with three scent pens. On a blotter paper, draw four scented lines along the dotted lines:

perfume game olfactory
––One for the top notes (top line)
––Two for the middle/dominant notes (second and third lines,
using the same pen twice)
––One for the base notes (bottom line)

BE CAREFUL: Draw the scented lines on separate lines! To avoid contaminating the scent pens, do not draw over the same line twice.

 The Master can now smell the fragrance created by waving the blotter under the nose. The Master then presents this fragrance to the other players.


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